Grey Fleet Compliance: Sorted!

Grey fleet vehicles are vehicles that are not owned or leased by the company but are used for business travel.

The law is clear - your company has a legal duty of care to employees that drive for business use, regardless of vehicle ownership. This means the grey fleet needs to be managed in exactly the same way as company owned or leased vehicles.

Grey fleet compliance can be a real pain in the... accounts. We can help reduce your workload while keeping your grey fleet safe and compliant.

MNH can deliver a cost effective grey fleet management solution that reduces the overall risk to your organisation and can yield financial and environmental benefits.

Did you know? Simply popping to the post office for the company is business use.

Grey fleet vehicles can be anything from cash-for-car, a car obtained via an employee car ownership scheme, a privately-owned vehicle or a vehicle that the employee has hired outside of any company-provided scheme.

Managing the grey fleet isn’t easy, and it needs someone with cross-department responsibility to be able to implement work-related road risk management effectively.

Grey Fleet At A Glance

Just some of your grey fleet obligations solved by MNH Fleet Helpline

Does the driver have a valid license?

Driver license checks need to be carried out and logged.

Does the vehicle have business-use insurance?

Monitoring and logging is required.

Is the driver fit to drive?

Driver questionnaire and signed declaration, in some cases possible driver training is required.


...such as does the vehicle have a valid MOT? Will need to be verified and logged.

Observance of tyre condition, fluid levels

Plus general vehicle condition (are its tyres above the legal tread limit etc?).

Vehicle maintenance

schedules need to be checked and logged.

All these questions need to be asked and the answers logged and verified, to show that the company is compliant. Organisations should also remember that anything they do for an employee using an owned or leased vehicle must also be offered to employees in the grey fleet.

MNH Fleet Helpline makes this easy.

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